Well, I went there. Its been a bit since ive written in (on?) this blog, so let me catch you up a bit. I joined a leading, global, quote to cash Salesforce Partner (rhymes with HIMplus), and frankly, I loved it. I got to flex my CPQ muscles a bit, but quickly realized I didn't... Continue Reading →

CPQ Fundamentals

Before I begin, there's something to learn in this post about CPQ. But of course since I like to tell stories, there needs to be a little background first. Then.... At my first real admin job where Salesforceing (it's a verb) was 100% of my job, I had to find a tool that would allow... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself : being intentional

Burnout is real. A few years back when I was getting heavily into the Salesforce ecosystem, I had someone I chatted with frequently on Twitter. He talked to me about burnout and gave me a fair warning on all of the "things" I was doing, and planning on doing. I didn't see me burning out... Continue Reading →

How I Privatized A Single Custom Field

As a consultant, you get a lot of weird requests that make you scratch your head and wonder "can I really do this with Salesforce", and sometimes even "why the F would they want to do that, that's ridiculous. Why did you bother signing up for Salesforce, go use  Dynamics in DSL traffic or something".... Continue Reading →

Not dead, just busy!

Hi all, wanted to let you know i'm not dead, just busy! I have a lot to talk about in my next post, but wanted to let you know it's definitely coming. Thanks for following me. I promise this will hopefully be the last hiatus from the blog for a bit 🙂    

Awesome Announcements!

A few weeks ago I posted about things that are happening Soon™ and that I would have a few announcements later that week. Well, I didn't post because...reasons. That's a good enough excuse, right? In all honesty, things got crazy real quick, so here it goes. Announcement #1 I will be speaking at Dreamforce!! YES! I will... Continue Reading →

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