Your 2017 Resolutions (For New Admins)

It’s the first full week back to work for most people, and a lot of you have made these great lists of resolutions to make 2017 better. Get a number of certificates, get a new job, go on a bunch of interviews, contribute more to the community, etc.

Let’s get real for a second. Which of those resolutions are you actually going to follow through with? Are they just lofty goals, or are they purposeful missions? There’s a big difference. Here’s an example:

Goal without purpose: I want to make $100,000 in 2017
Goal with purpose: I want to make $100k in 2017 so I can allow my significant other to build a business that can give our children a better education

Life has a good way of throwing up roadblocks, and punching you in the face over and over again. Without purpose, you are like a warrior without her sword and shield, you are defenseless. Without purpose, you lack passion and that can be the difference of getting up off the mat when you’re knocked down, and pressing on, and just giving up.

I refer to one of my favorite movies, “Wanted” as a dramatization. You’ll see Wesley (James Mcavoy) as someone who has a goal to be an assassin, but has no real purpose to why he wants to do this. Life laughs in his face with brass knuckles (Angelie Jolie) and continues to punch him, over and over again, and he falls over and just keeps taking a beating without fighting back.

WARNING: Graphic violence, language, and Angelina Jolie kicking some serious ass
Why Are You Here?  – Wanted (2008)

At the end, when he is asked repeatedly “Why are you here” he says “I don’t know who I am”. He realized his purpose for doing what he was doing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the follow up video, but he goes through the same “conditioning” later in the movie and fights back, beating the “repairman” (guy in the beginning of the video who facilitates the beating).

So after this awesome video from a great (and severely underrated) movie, what is my point?

My point to you, new admin is simply this. Don’t get caught up in the outcomes, or this thing about “resolutions”. Find your purpose, use it as your armor and your weapon. Certificates, money, awards, they are merely tools to help you fulfill your purpose.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality” – Qui Gon Jinn




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