#Trailhead4All Philly

Since I have been in the Salesforce ecosystem, I have noticed (and been told that) there has been a serious lack of Salesforce events in Philadelphia other then some great user groups. I wanted to have a great event that would benefit the community at large, but was lacking ideas.

#Trailhead4All , the movement to teach in-demand Salesforce skills to diverse populations in our communities, founded by Annie Shek-Mason, inspired me. How could I use the platform that helped me build my career on to help others?

Equipped with a passionate group of volunteers, the Philadelphia area Salesforce community partnered with Philadelphia Spark to bring in demand Salesforce knowledge to their 7th grade Spark Lab program for kids in the City of Philadlephia.

However, we NEED YOUR HELP! In order to host this event, we need to raise $3500 to cover the cost of student transportation and other logistical expenses. If your company is able to donate, please see the attached PDF with all details on the event. Any single donations over $500 will earn a spot in our “sponsor spotlight” to present your product and company to the group of Salesforce volunteers!

Whether you are donating as an individual, or an organization, please donate through the Philadelphia Trailhead4All GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your support!


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