Soon™: Trailhead4All. PLEASE spread the word about our funding campaign and if you are able donate a few dollars on the GoFundMe Trailhead4All Philly page, please do. If you can’t afford to make a monetary donation, please make a time donation by sharing our GoFundMe place everywhere. Please and thank you!

Soon™: Winter 18 release. Hooray!

Soon™: DREAMFORCE 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! Some great news about what i’ll be doing there. Will post….soon™

Soon™: BIG news coming on Friday about some things going on with me. Stay tuned!

Soon™: I want to make a T-shirt out of Soon™.
User: “When will we get that new feature?”
Admin: SOON™

Soon™: I’m sure i’ll get a cease & desist letter from someone about using the ™ next to “Soon”.

Stay tuned for some big news Friday!



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