Well, I went there. Its been a bit since ive written in (on?) this blog, so let me catch you up a bit.

I joined a leading, global, quote to cash Salesforce Partner (rhymes with HIMplus), and frankly, I loved it. I got to flex my CPQ muscles a bit, but quickly realized I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did.

I was able to learn from some of the brightest people i’ve ever known in the Salesforce ecosystem. I learned a LOT more about CPQ, as well as how to better manage and track projects, and how to better lead teams. It was valuable experience that i’ll cherish forever. And let it be known that this partner is frequently lauded for their culture, and when we hear “great culture” in most places, it tends to fade once you step behind the curtain. However, in no way did that wane whatsoever. I always felt heard, supported, and that my coworkers and leadership legitimately cared about my well being. I loved working there.

But, it was time for a change. I was asked what my career aspirations were, and frankly, I didn’t really know. I still don’t. I’ve done a lot of things well (or at least I think I have). I’ve lead small teams, built processes, built some great stuff in Salesforce, delivered some tough projects, lead successful teams, and been a mentor. But if you asked me “what did I like most?”, I couldn’t give you an answer.

But the one answer that is consistent is…I like the hustle. I like building things and seeing it grow, be successful. So after taking a look at the US economy, the pandemic and mass unemployment, I thought now was the best time to do my “own thing”.

Sounds crazy, right? Probably. But there are so many opportunities right now to take advantage of, that if there was EVER a time to possibly fail, it would be now. There’s more….I guess you could say….leniency to do so with assistance, deferrals, etc. Even with a cash reserve that would “feed” the family for a few months, I figured it wouldnt be long before I had enough work to keep me busy and paid.

So I fired up the ole’email wagon and reached out to some folks that had either asked me in the past to do contract work, or may be looking. To my surprise, they were all slammed, very busy! I was asked “when can you start” quite a few times for projects, staffing, etc. I started doing research on solo Salesforce consultants, reaching out to peers, reading articles, talking to attorneys and CPA’s, etc (btw, every time I type “CPA” my muscle memory types CPQ. I’ll never get over it).

After exhaustive research and serious number crunching, I made the decision to pull the trigger. 10/16 was my last day at my full time job, and 10/19 was the day Tiny Feet Cloud Services was born.

Today is only day 3, and i’m already exhausted. Lots still to do. The Salesforce work is the easy part, being able to accurately forecast, invoice, collect, and account for all of that stuff is a bit harder, but hungry kids and their “tiny feet” inspire me to keep plowing through, keep pushing on, and give me no other choice but to be successful.

“Fate whispers to the warrior ‘you cannot face the storm’
The warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm'”

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