Salesforce MVP “Alum” : End of the Road?

It's that time of year again, when the Salesforce MVP nominations and renewals are announced for the year. Every year since i've had the honor of being an MVP, I noticed that the day after nominations there was a flood of social media posts. Many are very positive and congratulatory, some, not so much, but... Continue Reading →


Well, I went there. Its been a bit since ive written in (on?) this blog, so let me catch you up a bit. I joined a leading, global, quote to cash Salesforce Partner (rhymes with HIMplus), and frankly, I loved it. I got to flex my CPQ muscles a bit, but quickly realized I didn't... Continue Reading →

CPQ Fundamentals

Before I begin, there's something to learn in this post about CPQ. But of course since I like to tell stories, there needs to be a little background first. Then.... At my first real admin job where Salesforceing (it's a verb) was 100% of my job, I had to find a tool that would allow... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself : being intentional

Burnout is real. A few years back when I was getting heavily into the Salesforce ecosystem, I had someone I chatted with frequently on Twitter. He talked to me about burnout and gave me a fair warning on all of the "things" I was doing, and planning on doing. I didn't see me burning out... Continue Reading →

How I Privatized A Single Custom Field

As a consultant, you get a lot of weird requests that make you scratch your head and wonder "can I really do this with Salesforce", and sometimes even "why the F would they want to do that, that's ridiculous. Why did you bother signing up for Salesforce, go use  Dynamics in DSL traffic or something".... Continue Reading →

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