CPQ Fundamentals

In 2016 I had committed to my company that I would single handedly implement Salesforce CPQ and train all the users. No training, no experience in CPQ.

For those of you even slightly familiar with CPQ, i’m sure you are laughing at the thought of that. I was too…out of hysteria , during the project. But, through the daily grind of the implementation, I learned a TON about CPQ. Mostly on “C”onfiguration and “Q”uoting side, pricing would come later.

At the time, there was an AWESOME Steelbrick (now Salesforce CPQ) community to learn from. Unfortunately, after the SB community went away and merged into the Salesforce assets (Steelbrick acquired by Salesforce in 2015), that community vanished. I think whoever has that login to the old community could make a mint by the way (wink wink).

Once the community vanished, learning materials were VERY scarce for CPQ. Recently, badges started showing up on Trailhead which are GREAT! That actually inspired me to start recording short(?) CPQ basics videos on youtube to help people further learn CPQ, and simultaneously help re refine, sharpen, or re-learn something I forgot about.

So without further delay, please enjoy my youtube channel for CPQ Fundamentals

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