Soon™: Trailhead4All. PLEASE spread the word about our funding campaign and if you are able donate a few dollars on the GoFundMe Trailhead4All Philly page, please do. If you can't afford to make a monetary donation, please make a time donation by sharing our GoFundMe place everywhere. Please and thank you! Soon™: Winter 18 release. Hooray!... Continue Reading →

#Trailhead4All Philly

Since I have been in the Salesforce ecosystem, I have noticed (and been told that) there has been a serious lack of Salesforce events in Philadelphia other then some great user groups. I wanted to have a great event that would benefit the community at large, but was lacking ideas. #Trailhead4All , the movement to... Continue Reading →

The Bell

One of my co-workers is in the United States Army National Guard and recently attended a 2 week long pseudo boot camp for officer training. He spent weeks googling about this experience prior and started psyching himself out. He read countless stories from former athletes, police officers, FBI, etc, who couldn't make it through the... Continue Reading →

You Shall Not Pass: Dealing with Salesforce Certification Failure via SalesforceAmy(Salesforce Saas blog) 

Great blog post from Amy Oplinger(SalesforceAmy) about failing certification exams. Too good and relevant not to share especially after my exam this past weekend. 

Salesforce Saas

It started with a random question in a DM via Twitter. A fellow member of the Ohana, Brian Naylor, confessed that he has just failed a Salesforce certification exam and was beating himself up over it. Brian asked me if this was common and if I could offer some perspective and advice.

giphy (70).gif

I knew EXACTLY how Brian was feeling. Yes, I told him, I have failed – multiple times! I told him that many people in the community had failed certification exams. No one posts their failures to social media, only nice pics of those new certifications. It’s very easy to assume that YOU are the only person who has ever failed a certification test if you base it on the social media highlight reel. So, wanting to open up the conversation so that other’s who may be feeling the same could see they weren’t alone, I tweeted about…

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No Longer Preparing…I PASSED!

Couldn't help but share that all of the hands on experience, frustration, crying, drinking, and studying paid off. Passed the CPQ Specialist exam today!!! What a crazy experience though. I was nearly hyperventilating in my car because I was psyching myself out. I've only chatted with 4 people that have taken this exam, 2 failed... Continue Reading →

Preparing For The CPQ Specialist Exam

As I write this post i'm going back and forth between 2-3 Salesforce development projects for work(pulling my hair out trying to develop a Visualforce page) and doing small study sprints for the CPQ Specialist exam that i'm taking tomorrow (6/17/17). As i'm going through the content, I can't help but laugh about my journey... Continue Reading →

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