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So you want to get Salesforce Certified? Congratulations, you are taking the first step into a fantastic career full of lucrative and boundless opportunities. However, no one said it would be easy. Below you will find some tips and resources to help you in your journey.

But before I get started, let me first say that the exams are built to test your applicable knowledge of Salesforce and knowing the best approach to different situations. Being a good test taker, you can probably get through easily, but are you studying to simply know the answer? Or are you studying to understand why that approach is truly right or wrong? The difference between a good test taker and something with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the platform is easily discernable by employers who have been doing this a long time. So now that I got that out of the way….

Tip #1
I am gladly borrowing this piece of advice from Jen Lee, as it helped me greatly. If you’re going for a specific certification, register for it. Unless you put it on your calendar and have something at stake(financially), you’re not going to hold yourself accountable. So do it, and don’t waste time because once you’re registered the clock starts ticking until its go time.

Tip #2
Understand what kind of learner you are. Are you a note taker? A quiz crusher? A flash card guru? A memorizing mastermind? Once you determine what method helps you learn the best, apply that to every certification. For me, I can’t read through content and take notes. I’m more hands on, and enjoy taking mock quizzes and understanding why i’m right or wrong, so I utilize more resources that have mock exams that explain why my answer was right or wrong.

Tip #3
I really dislike this tip, but it needs to be said. Don’t rely on just Trailhead. Trailhead is a GREAT learning platform, but as of 2/2017, Trailhead goes pretty high level to give you a general understanding of things. While it definitely is a great tool tool to help you learn some new things within Salesforce, it’s not the best resource for passing exams (yet…hopefully)

Tip #4
The study guides from the Salesforce certification page are helpful to see how each category for the specific exam is weighted. However, I would suggest knowing each category inside and out. Remember, you’re not just learning to pass a test, you’re learning a professional skill that will open a lot of doors for you for the long term. Treat it like you’re learning to pass the drivers test. You wanted to kick that quiz’s ass, didn’t you? Treat this the same way.


CertifiedOnDemand.com This, by far, was the best learning tool for the admin exam in my honest opinion. It covers nearly every category in depth, has mini quizzes/knowledge checks for each section, and also has a mock exam at the end to bring it all together. You can use some of the site for free, but I definitely recommend purchasing the lifetime membership (I think its $40). I did, and it helped me dramatically.

FocusOnForce.com Similar to SFDCStudy.org, but with more content and is updated regularly. The specific mock exams you have to pay $20 for each, but they are very helpful and in depth

Mike Wheeler – Salesforce Trainer I personally have not used Mike’s content, but I hear from LOTS of folks that is is fantastic.

Pluralsight there are a lot of Salesforce courses on here, mostly geared toward folks learning to be a developer though, or more advanced Salesforce functionality. Some great courses include Apex Academy by David Liu and Play by Play by Don Robins

Chatter Study Groups – there are a lot of study groups on the success community that have their own chatter groups. They are pretty intense, require a specific amount of commitment a week, in person and/or virtual meetings, and assigned homework. Most were a little too hardcore for me as I learn at my own pace, but they are definitely well structured and can help out a lot of new folks that want the admin certification

Have any other suggestions that have helped you? Let me know and i’ll add them!

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