Awesome Announcements!

A few weeks ago I posted about things that are happening Soon™ and that I would have a few announcements later that week. Well, I didn't post because...reasons. That's a good enough excuse, right? In all honesty, things got crazy real quick, so here it goes. Announcement #1 I will be speaking at Dreamforce!! YES! I will... Continue Reading →

Building The Definitive Guide To After Hours Dreamforce 2017 Events!

Calling all users, partners, and Ohana fanatics! For those of you who DON'T know, there are a TON of great events that happen at Dreamforce that are not Salesforce sponsored events. Events range in mission from charitable to empowerment(these 2 are my favorite), to purely promotional. Regardless of the event, you're bound to have a... Continue Reading →

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